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Over the past couple of days I've been building and extending this, at it's core very simple, Noise generator tool. It's called, incredibly intuitively: Noiser.

I've gotten quite sick of always doing the same simple Noise-VOP over and over again so I built this nifty tool that saves me a small but accumulating amount of time (and energy) every time I need some noise. I'm really fond of it and it rarely takes me more than a couple of minutes into any project that I drop it down.

Here's a quick video demonstration:


and a simple demo screen of the defaults:


And that's the relatively simple setup. ;) 


I hope someone else will find it as useful as I do!





PS: I just found a volume-noise tool in my OTLs-folder, so I thought I'd just share this as well. Practically the same thing working for both SDFs and Volumes (VDB & Primitive). 





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Looks like it would definitely come in handy!

Thanks for sharing Martin, I will give it a whirl later. :)

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