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Extract packed disk primitives names

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Hi, I've done an RBD simulation using packed low-res geometry and saved them as points. Then I've increased the resolution of the pieces and saved them to disk (the usual workflow). Now I'm loading the hi-res pieces back as Packed Disk Primitives and I would like to copy the geometry on the simulation points. I can't load them in any other way because the scene starts to be very slow.

When Packed Disk Primitives are loaded in houdini, they don't show the attributes (just the path,P, and the intrinsics). For instance them in the correct way to the simulated points I need their name loaded in Houdini (I can't use ptnum). Is it possible?


p.s: I've found a workaround using the name of the low-res geometry for find the correct point, but it requires an extra step I would like to avoid


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You can use the Instance SOP. Just supply the path as a string attribute on the cached lowres points, that points to the correct highres piece on disk.

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