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Need tips on how to prodedural modeling a tree

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I`m looking into creating a digital asset of procedural trees, with the idea being to generate a hole bunch of pine trees that you can scatter in a background of a shot for example. I`m sort off lost in the whole procedural way, and the L system is way to complicated for what we are trying to achieve all though that might be something to look into  in the future.

Also is there a way of copying a line with different length the higher up it goes? Lets say you have a line 8 units long with 10 points, I have grouped every other points and want to copy another line on the grouped points, but I need the length of line to shrink with each copy 

Any tips would be much appreciated. 


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On 5/25/2018 at 11:36 PM, konstantin magnus said:

You could randomly twist and scale some grid lines to get a very basic tree.


Hi, sorry for the late replay, bank holiday here in UK. Thanks a lot, this is a definitely something that I can work with! 

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