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Hi there, 

I have a problem exporting an .abc into C4D.

I always did the same workflow: Simulation/ROP alembic output driver(bgeo)/File (load the .bgeo)/ROP Alembic export/Open in C4D/work like a charm. 

But recently i've changed my computer and for the first time I tried to do and animation and make an alembic, doesn't work :( 

I tried a lot of things and I'm desperate right now, but I think somehow when I export .abc don't concatenate all the files and when I open it on Cinema, it only read the first frame. You guys know what I mean?

Is not a problem of Cinema (I open and old .abc file already and works great)

I use :

Houdini Indie


Cinema 4D R19

I share the file with you guys, thank you in advance.

Appreciated the help. 



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