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Changing the defaults of Node parms (autoscope, on created)

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Hi, please. I don't like, that the default state of the autoscope of TRS parameters is set to True, even when they are not animated. I have a script (below) and I run it on ~100% of the newly created Geo nodes.

I am afraid to touch the "original" nodes. Please, what would be correct (and future safe) way to change the default state of the newly created node?




def autoscope_off () :
    default_autoparms = ["tx","ty","tz","rx","ry","rz","sx","sy","sz"]
    for node in hou.selectedNodes() :
        for autoparm in default_autoparms:
                parm = node.parm(autoparm)
                print "parm [" + autoparm +"] doesn't exist"


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Create a new node change the settings to the default you would like, and then go to the gear menu in the parameter dialogue and save the "Permanent Default". Do not worry this does not change how it "Permanently" it will save an .idx file in your personal preference. You can remove or move that .idx from your personal preference to anywhere in the $HOUDINI_PATH in order to distribute it through out your project. There are even are even more zanier ways to change the default preference, but that is the most robust and simple in most cases.


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Oh, this is great, thank you very MUCH!

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