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Triple chain ik/fk switch/match - storing rotations as vectors.

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Hello Maya user here, I'm trying to recreate triple chain ik/fk switch/match with appropriate script for matching rotations, after some digging trough documentation I did found hou.vector3 but I cannot understand how to apply it, in Maya's MEL you would do something like this:

vector $NameOfTheVariable =`xform -query -rotation “NameOfTheObjectInScene”`
__|____________ | ______________|______ | _______ | ______________  |_______________________________
Variable—–Name———-Command–Flag—-Flag—Name of the object in scene i.e. Joint—–

What is the equivalent syntax for this in Python in Houdini? I need rotations as vectors (in world space) so I could perform math operations on them and get/set their values… is there an equivalent of the xform command in Houdini?

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Well  I have found these pages http://www.warshaw.co.uk/links/pythonh.html

It gets me a little bit closer i.e. this syntax is as close as it can be    parameter =  hou.node('/path/to/node').parm('name of parm').eval()   now the question is where vector3 fits in?

Is it like this?

parameter=vector3(hou.node ('/path/to/node').parm('name of parm').eval())?

Instead of 'name of the parm' should be 'RX, RY, RZ' and I think I have also saw some .WorldSpace property/attribute somewhere on the Internet but I don't remember where...

Unfortunately I cannot test it because my old apprentice license for houdini 13 has long time expired... and my sh...y graphic card cannot push the 16.5... ahhh well thanks for replying anyway... 

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