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Ideas to achieve this effect

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Hi im learning houdini and a few days ago I found this and I really wanted to create something like it using Houdini, the problem is that I don't really found a way to do it and I'm kinda frustrated, my first idea was to scatter points on the base geometry and then copy to points a grid, but then I'm not sure if that could work or how to make a cloth sim for the grid which should be colliding with each other, idk maybe is easier that I think and im completely in the wrong path haha if someone can guide me a little bit on this little quest ill be beyond grateful.





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I did something similar to that a while back and I used individual cloth pieces for my wanted posters. I don't think that is practical for the number of cloth based geometries you have shown in the reference photo, however.

You may want to do this in layers. Take the original surface and shrink it in a bit so it fits inside the original surface. Scatter points on the inside surface and copy the geometry to the points. Then use a Ray SOP to conform them to that slightly shrunken surface. Repeat that process for the original surface as well. Then you would have two layers. I notice in the reference photo that collision is kind of faked and some dollars poke through others in a non-realistic way.

Once you have two layers, then you might consider some top level cloth/ray work on fewer points. Such as that dollar along the jaw line. Kind of like patching holes or covering mistakes.


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Hi, thank you so much for the response, ill try to do it this way, but it sounds pretty good to me, ill let you know if it works, but thank you again for the help 


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