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simple vex question

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I am a complete noob at vex but I am trying to learn it.

I have this here:
@id = 1;
@id = rand(@ptnum);

why is it that this results in the id being 0...why does the random function not execute as it should?

If i give my own variable like this:

@myId = 1;
@myId= rand(@ptnum);

Then it works perfectly... I am a little confused on why one works but not the other.

Thank you.


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I think it's because "id" is recognised automatically in vex as an integer attribute. As the rand() function returns a float, this gets truncated, resulting in 0. If you explicitly cast your "id" attribute as a float, I think you'll get what you're after.

Try f@id = rand(@ptnum);

The reason it works for @myId is because user defined variables default to floats if not explicitly cast. If you change it to i@myId = rand(@ptnum) it will return 0 for the same reason as stated above. 

Hope that helps. 



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