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Hey magicians,

I have a setup that make some blobs growth, but I need them to growth in a different speed each one, I tried making groups out of vdbs to control each one by time offset with no luck, also tried playing with different vdb names. Any tip on how can I affect the speed of each blob separatedly?

Plan B will be making each vdb growth separatedly and then play with vdb combine, not sure if I'll get the same effect but will give a shot.

Here is a sample gif and file to illustrate my issue


Thanks in advance!


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how do you make the vdb in the first place, meaning do you create a mesh then convert it to vdb? I think it would make your life easier if you control each vdb individually the combine then if needed. But again, that all depends on how you create your vdbs in the first place...

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Hey @catchyid thanks for your reply, I tried both, making one mesh and making them individual with different names. Dave Stewart on facebook group was kind enough to provide 2 sample files that works, I'll drop them here in case is useful for anyone.

Credits to Dave Stewart for the help!




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