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gas advect

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Hey, guys,

I have a question about gas advect field. I know sometimes we inject a custom field into the sim, we should advect it for letting the custom filed move with the sim (vel filed). For instance, we generate the color field in sop, and we inject it into dop, we need to advect it in order to make it move with the sim. But sometimes we actually don't want to advect some fields. For instance, we calculate the gradient of density field, we actually don't want to advect it. 

I kind of know when I should use gas advect when I shouldn't. But I really don't have a super clear understanding about it. Can anyone give me an clear explanation or give me a link or paper that I can study by myself.

I also have some question about gas project nondivergent. I know it is used to keep each voxel divergence free, which means it push the extra data to adjacent voxel based on the vel direction. But, still I don't have a celar understanding about it, and I don't when should I use it, when I shouldn't. 

Thank you very much!


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Hi, check this (sub included)


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