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doing the "boolean or not boolean" tutorial from Steven Knipping (great men...).

Unfortunately there grown a couple of problems. Please have a look to my file:

- if I check/uncheck the "pack and imstance" option in the copytopoints1 the shading will change. Never recognized this behaviour. Is this normal? but if I pack them, the boolean wont work as expected.

- between the pighead and merge1 I have to drop a normalsop for the pighead, otherwise the pighead will loose its UV'S. Similiar with the sphere1 before the copytopoints sop. Why? 

In the Knippingvideo all works fine and I never watched such a behaviour by myself.





do I have to recompute the normals each time a point operation was before and does have a i.e. a polyspheer no normals by default? AND is there anywhere a switch, wich I activated accidently, to stop/start this behavior?

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In your "copytopoints1" node you have ticked on "copy Point Attributes" this will transfer N of the PigHead to your scattered Geo. This is why you shading is changing.

Uncheck or add "^N" to keep your normals. 



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thats the deal, thank you;)

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