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Cannot see second HD inside Houdini

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I just installed Linux Kubuntu18.04 and so far, everything is going well in Houdini. However, all my 3D files are on a secondary internal hard drive and i can't see it inside Houdini. In Linux, i can see it normally in the "Devices" section.

How can i make the second HD visible inside Houdini?


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Hey @lukeiamyourfather , thanks for your answer. I figured out what happened and it was easier than i thought.

So in Linux, the secondary/external hard drive is mounted under the "Devices" and "Media" folder structures. The "Media" one is the catch. Inside Houdini, i just had to point the project file structure to "Root(/)/Home/Media/UserName" and there it is. The HD shows as it should.


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