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Flip Fluid ignoring RBD Object Collision

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I'm currently doing a flip tank sim with a boat as an RBD object and getting it to float. I have the floating part working, however the boat fills up with water through its hull. The odd thing is that inside mesh there are no particles. Particles collide with the outside of the boat mesh and the inside, but its as if the flip fluid particles go through the mesh.

I have tried alternate collision methods under the rbd object collisions tab, but still cant work out how to stop the particles going through the mesh!

Does anyone have any ideas of how to stop this?

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You collision object must be water tight and not have any holes. You can only use Volume based collision when working with fluids, so return to that method for all collision objects. Activate the collision guide on the fluidobject so you can see the actual result of the flip collision in the viewport, shown in magenta. In flip, particle separation is division size at the collision level so you may not have a low enough particle separation to create a collision surface without holes, even though you have previewed a nice collision inside of the StaticObject node. The collision represented by the StaticObjecct node, in BLUE, is not the collision that flip solver uses. Only the collision surface shown in MAGENTA is what the flip particles will collide with.


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