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Caramel Goo Tear Apart

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Hi everyone, 

my first post, newbie to houdini but diving in!

ive been trying to find the best way to achieve the classic mars bar chocolate caramel bar being pulled apart in close up detail, where the caramel slowly tears apart with strands becoming longer and thinner as it gets pulled. kind of like the classic bubble gum on the shoe type thing.  


ive tried fem, but couldnt get it to become strandy enough and then completely tear apart. love to know if i continue to explore fem that it would be possible to make this effect.


perhaps the grain solver with some noise determing the glue strength so natural tears become apparent in the grain block as they get pulled apart?


FLIP viscous sim perhaps might work? anyone experienced think this could be the way to do it?


im hitting lots of newbie dead ends, so any help on which avenue will actually get me the desired effect, id be much appreciative.





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On 3/26/2019 at 2:03 PM, crispyastrologer said:

check this post, could be a starting point! 


thank you so much for this. Very helpful!

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