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OFFF London title's particle

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I've just saw OFFF London titles 2017 at vimeo and It gave me a inspiration.

but I'm beginner at Houdini and even don't know how should I call this effect.

Is it called like particle advection ? or .. I don't have any idea haha :S

And I wanna know basic logic how to make this scene.

It is like a grain, fluid, particle or .. I don't know wow ..


Please help me to learn new things !

OFFF London Titles 2017.mp4_20180623_001939.259.jpg

OFFF London Titles 2017.mp4_20180623_001922.524.jpg

OFFF London Titles 2017.mp4_20180623_001924.229.jpg

OFFF London Titles 2017.mp4_20180623_001937.596.jpg

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