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Enable Fracture + clip Node causing strange results.

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This is very strange behavior, wondering if someone knows whats going on or if this is a bug. So I have a simple cloth set up involving a rest shape and fracture. I noticed when I had both rest shape (or target deformation) and fracture enabled, my cloth would randomly move in strange patterns. I could not figure out what was causing this, it's almost like extra velocity is being added. I got lucky and decided to delete the bottom section of the sphere rather than use a clip node. For some reason, that fixed the problem. Why would using the clip node cause all this weirdness as opposed to deleting the geometry with blast. I added a switch node in my scene so you can see both variations. 

thanks in advance





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while I have no idea what causes this, it seems to only happen in 16 and not 16.5. Still annoying because I need to use 16. 

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