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Hello peeps!

I want to do something really simple but for some reason it isn't working… I have an attribute P1 that I want to use in the distance scale of my polyextrude. For some reason the extrusions are infinite. Does anybody know why is that?






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doubt if ppl would be happy if you don't give them the csv.

Anyway, this bit here:

float H1max = detail(0, "H1max");
float fit0 = fit(@OldH1, 0 , H1max, 0, 1);
float fit1 = fit(@OldH1, 0 , H1max, 1, 0);
@Cd = set(fit0,0,fit1);

should Cd be P1 ?......so that you can use it later ?....otherwise, since you wiped out P1 in the promote....how's the extrude gonna work ?

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