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Exporting out Smoke Trail as VDB

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I would like out to export out a Smoke Trail simulation as a VDB sequence so I can import it in a different package.
Because the smoke is clustered I can't figure out how to export it out. It only seems to export out one cluster. 

Setting $CLUSTER in the Rop Output path doesn't do anything. I think that variable is used if you distribute the sim on different machines. I only have 1 machine.

Redshift displays there are multiple density channels and the file size of each frame get larger even though the displayed cluster is empty on further frames.

I'm using the Smoke Trail shelf preset as a starting point. Eventually I'd like to simulate a long smoke trail along a moving object.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any information about this. I'm using Houdini Indie.

Thank you for your time.

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Depends on what you want to do. 

Splitting up the clusters so they can get simulated on individual machines or in individual chunks is one thing. I'm not further elaborating on this here unless this is your question.

If you simulate all your clusters in one go on a single machine, Houdini assigns a primitive group to the individual smoke objects that are generated during the cluster sim. You probably see some groups like smokeobject1_1,  smokeobject1_2.... smokeobject1_6
Each of those groups represents one cluster. If you now use e.g. a  Blast, you can separate the individual clusters from your caches.


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i also scratch my head how then found this HDA "mm VDB Cluster Combine"

Install the HDA then use that node to combine all clusters, then save it with FileCache node to Open VDB then (in mycase) import in Blender for other test

its link to the demo and download link 


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