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Point Levelling Question

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Hey guys, 

Sorry for the bad title wasn't sure what to name this exactly. 

So my issue is as follows, I have a curve which I'm raying onto a mesh - all good.

I'm then trying to make sure each point is not higher in y than the previous point. And if so use the previous points position in Y (roughly). 

Ive tried several setups using the logic of select points higher in y than surrounding points - but then I think I maybe need to find its neighbours and their average point position in Y and apply that to the points which are higher in Y? [As I was typing this I came up with that thought so going to see if that works] 

Any ideas would be great,

Thanks :D 




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not sure if I'm on the right track here...but here's an attempt.

Try disabling prevy = curpos.y;

and see if that's more like it...(I doubt it)


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