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Tranfer Animation from one object to another (abc to vdb mesh)

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Hey guys, i have an alembic animated file (there's no deformation) and I have to convert this object to a vdb mesh (vdb from polygons >> convert vdb).
I did it on a static frame (using timeshift) and now i'd like to copy the original animation to this new mesh.

A copystamp does copy the position but not the rotation. Can you guys help me with this?

Just to make things clearer
(this is not the original scene, i'm kinda faking it so i can share here)

this is the alembic character animated:

then I made this new mesh from it:

i need to transfer the position and orientation from the first one to the second one. I guess i could make it with a packed object since it have just one point



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hey Rob, it wasn't working. the static mesh actually have some heavy deformation with changing topology


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