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POP Grains - Experiments and Issues!

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I have been experimenting with Grains node and shelf setups as as custom setups.

I started with a sphere, then a sand castle and last was a statue.

Some results were pleasant then I ran into some issues. Weird and strange behaviors such as floating sand clumps. Mainly it looks like too much force or friction.

The problem that the solver feels like it is too sensitive (minor values can change things very quickly).

Any pointers or advice is greatly appreciated.










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Updated 5 million particles. Looks stable but can’t control the setup to my liking.  I will still have a second look at the master class. 


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On 7/20/2018 at 12:34 AM, anim said:

try disabling Constraint Averaging and adjust your weights as Jeff describes in this master class around 32:50


When I have created the grainsource I hade the explicit constraints turned off. 

Mia it safe to assume this would reflect on the above?

 Do I need to turn on the the explicit constraints create option? I noticed my sim gets slow when this option is turned on  



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