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VEX malfunction

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Hello all,

I installed some vex shaders found in this forum, and all was going well. All of the sudden, none of them work. Is there some sort of bug with this version that i am not aware of, or did I do something wrong. Again, I checked my triple checked my variables along with the SHOPsurface aas well as SHOPdisplace files. Part of the reason why I'm so puzzled is I checked each shader after I installed them and even rendered them to see how they looked on different geometry. I am running Houdini 5.5.151. Did anyone run into this problem. I'm getting a reputation on this forum for being the guy with the screwed up environment variables. Just a couple of days ago Alex along with Stremik helped me get TCL working, and it had turned out that is was my environment variables that were off. But, vex I fiddled with for so long now. Plus, my VEX geometry in VEX SOP all work beautifully, which also puzzles me even more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nevins Duret

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I'm using 5.5.230,

Most of the VEX shaders I downloaded from this website and others

can't work.

Houdini's default shaders have .vfl files, but I can't compile it

by using vcc -u NAME.vfl.

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