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Timeblend + Timeshift problem

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Hi there,

Trying to use timeblend and timeshift to make velocity changes in original cached sim. I wonder if anyone knows a workaround to solve velocity issues when particle born or die. In this small example, particle die when is off the tank limits... same happens when you create whitewater... when particle born it stays with velocity 0 until it finds vel info on frame 2... if you are 10 times slower, than you will have 10 frames of static particle... 

Thanks for any tip or info on this :)


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Hi,you need to turn reesiding particles off ,in flip solver,and if you want to retime particles(make it slower,2,4.. times)you need to use substeps

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thanks nikola014,

I've posted this question over facebook and got a nice turnaround:

Well, the issue here is indeed that the time blend messes up killing particles on the frame they die. Definitely the easiest way would be to group all particles with exactly "length(@v) == 0" and kill them. It should only be the ones that are killed the next frame, since any other particle in the flip sim should have at least some v.

So basically I have to compute velocities again (after the timeshift) and then delete all particles with vel=0... not perfect solution but working for now!


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