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Packed RBD bullet, with constraints and i@active attr

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In an RBD simulation I want to use both glue constraints as well as the i@active attribute to time my destruction, but seems like the two can't work together.
Has anyone come across that before and has a solution?

I have an example file that illustrates the problem.






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Forgot to add the file

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Hi Georgios,

Glues normally work together with the active attribute. It seems it has to do with the size of your setup and the density. When I set the density down to about 100 your glues break normally.
Also when I create everything to a small size having a Uniform Scale for the box of 1, everything work fine, without touching the density.

Try that, you'll see it works.

I'm not sure why this works the way it does when modifying the active attribute on boxes of this large size. Perhaps someone else can elaborate?

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