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Array Function VEX

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Hi there,

I'm playing around with creating some custom VEX functions and came across something a bit odd that I just can't seem to get working.

If I want to create a custom function that returns an array, say a vector array I will need to declare the return type at the beginning, according to the docs the following should work

// A function which returns an array of vectors
vector[] rgb_array()

However if I run this in a wrangle I get a syntax error on line1.

Is this a bug? Or am I declaring my function type incorrectly?


Thanks in advance



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Okay, I actually got it working but those who have a similar issue I needed to use the 'funtion' function as the VEX compiler seems to be getting confused


so ....................


//doing an explicit function declaration seems to stop VEX getting muddled up

function vector[] rgb_array()
    return { {1, 0, 0}, {0, 1, 0}, {0, 0, 1} };


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