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Flip fluid forces

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I'm new to houdini and I'm building a watersim which creates a wave. At the moment I'm using a box as a pusher and a initial velocity to push the fluids in the opposite direction.
But I'm looking for a way to only move the water below the surface. Maybe some sort of box in which the fluids below the surface are pushed towards the pusher.
Does anyone know a easy way to achieve this?




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Hi, not sure I entirely understand the question. So, if you want just waves then use ocean tools. But I think you want a real sim? In this case, you can use the ocean tools to create the waves and apply it on FLIP sim (you can use the shelf tool ocean shore to create an example or a simple setup). As for pushing the volume of the water, you just need to have a box, create a static object and plug it in the sim network.

Hope this helps...

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