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Omar Wanis


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Hey Guys i have a workstation with a Xeon E5-2660 Processor (lots of cores but only 2.2 GHz per core)

How can i know what nodes are multi-threaded and what are single-threaded in Houdini? i wanna know where things start to get slow because of my cpu.

I tried to google it but didn't find sth really useful.

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The progress from single thread to multithreading is still in progress. 

Dynamic system and mantra are multitreaded(MT).

All Vex / vop's code is MT.

Under sops one part has MT other part hasn't. Every node that can be in a compiled block is MT. 

Hope this helps a bit also what i have heard nodes that have MT will run the task on a single core when the data is to small.


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2 hours ago, Omar Wanis said:

So basically, unless I'm doing heavy modeling, I'm fine with multicores with low Frequency, right?

Probably, since most modern CPUs use a higher boost frequency when only 1-2 threads are running. That being said, even the viewport display has highly multithreaded parts in it (generating normals, transfering data, convexing, etc).

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