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[SOLVED] Offseting points on curve

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Hey magicians,

I've got an alembic walk cycle cloned on a curve that I need to offset the points in order to make them look like walking forward, its probably a dumb question but I can't figure out how to offset the points. Line sop has offset so I thought I can just deform this with a noise and offset that, but how can I offset points on a hand made curve like this?



Something like this



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1 minute ago, ikoon said:

Hi Ezequiel, I did a similar version long time ago. Not a best solution today (we dont copystamp now), but it may help you in a way, if nobody else has better solution:




Thank you @ikoon that gif looks great, will study the file!

Also Matt Stela gave me this link via Facebook in case someone else had this doubt



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Right, that Thomas setup is amazing, pure VEX, super fast!

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