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how about "total_cooks" mean

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English is not my native language .

this is first time l make a question .

have a good day everybody

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"Total Cook" mean how many times the specified node has needed to cook, meaning process, its input/geometry.
For instance, a static box will have only one cook done, regardless of if you scrub the timeline.
But if you place a transform node after that box, and put an animated value inside it, the transform node will be cooked (computed, processed, etc.) when the time changes, since it needs to rebuild the geometry at the new emplacement.
Also, if you make an Attribute Wrangle (or anything that changes the geometry or any attribute) and you make a change in the Wrangle node, it will be cooked.

See "total_cook" to have the example in video.

Nota Bene :
This is what I understand of it, but I might be wrong. Please correct me if I am.

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