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Bullet Breaker Core - Bullet Sim Animation Toolkit

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Hey everyone, I'm happy to introduce Bullet Breaker Core, a toolkit for easy animation of bullet simulations.

Link to Bullet Breaker toolkit -> gum.co/hTnq

The purpose of Bullet Breaker is to allow for easy animation control of fracturing objects inside of Bullet simulations in Houdini.

Bullet Breaker Core comes with digital assets to allow for ease of use in setting up and visualizing Bullet Breaker attributes.

Bullet Breaker Core also comes with a brief tutorial which goes over how to setup bullet breaker compatible fracture geometries.

Bullet Breaker Core does not use Houdini constraints and while it is possible to use Bullet Breaker with Houdini Constraints it is not meant to be used with Houdini constraints.

Includes the demo scene file and all digital assets!

Hope people find this toolkit useful!

You can reach me at trzankofx@gmail.com for questions or comments.

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