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Fast smoke simulation

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Hi there,


I am learning about smoke in houdini and I am desperately trying to achieve an effect like this 



By this I mean a fast paced smoke puff that spreads out wide, like almost in a V shape. 

However, no matter what I do, my smoke always ends up looking very straigt. I can achieve the fast paced but then it looks even more straight I think. I tried making it faster by chaning the time scale, giving it a high buoyancy lift, using my normals as a velocity volume (in source volume node) and setting the scale of it to very high, setting the temperature scale to a higher values, etc. All these individual things work for the speed, but I keep ending up with quite a straight line, or something that isn't making sense at all. I tried adding turbulance, but this also doesn't help me to achieve that "v shape".

I hope someone can explain to me what is going wrong, because I am totally lost. 

straight smoke.png

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Wow, looks pretty complicated! Tried to recreate it, but as soon as I start playing the sim in the dopnet, it keeps loading forever until it freezes. Must've done something wrong! Curious, will this work with larger scale simulations too (or in other words, is there a reason you made it quite small)?


[EDIT] I made the smoke object way too big... It is working now, but as soon as it collides with the top of the container, all the smoke disappears. I haven't found out yet why that happens. Only thing I've found is I don't seem to have a dead attribute. It seems to just be there in your file from the pop source onwards, but for me that is the only one I don't have:unsure: Any suggestions? Is this my problem or is it probably something else?

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