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VEX "for loop" for Points

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Hi all,

I am a MAX user for 10 years, able to write some very simple maxscript. Just started to explore Houdini a few months ago and trying to learn VEX. I hope someone could show me a very simple VEX sample to help me solve the question.

I created a grid, applied a scatter node to generate 100 points on the surface. And I would like to add different values (5 | 10 | 20) to these point's attribute (i@prob) by using attribute wrangler "for loop". In max, I would do something like this:

for n in 1 to $.count do
$[n].scale = [2,2,2]

Sorry that the question is too "fundamental"...

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for static values you can just use a "attribute create" node.

for wrangles, if they run over "Points" that means it is already looping over all points, so the following should be enough:

v@prob = set(5, 10, 20); // if you want to store the data as a vector

or you could do, if you want to pick an integer randomly from your list:

int probAr[] = {5, 10, 20};
int index = int(rint(rand(@ptnum) * 2)); //rint is for rounding the value to the nearest integer
i@prob = probAr[index]; 

// you could even put this entire code in one line if you would like, like this:
i@prob = int({5, 10, 20}[int(rint(rand(@ptnum) * 2))]);


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