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Bullet boolean fracture with deforming geometry

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Hi Guys,

I've been trying to create an rdb sim with boolean pieces where a dancing figure shatters and falls apart onto the floor. When pieces are activated I set deforming to zero.

However, the pieces keep exploding off.

I've made the shattered figure deforming with a "Deform Points" sop.
This already seems to reshape the figure in a way that creates some artefacts. Perhaps this creates the intersecting geometry? I'm not sure. This doesn't seem to happen when I shatter with Voronoi. I'm not a fan of those pieces however.


If it wasn't a deforming figure I'd probably next try to create some proxies with spheres and transform afterwards, but I don't see how I'd do that here.I tried to simply cut down the collision padding and shrink the pieces a bit, but still they explode.

Could anyone give a piece of advice to make this work? Thank you!

(Figure and animation have been supplied by the amazing Johnny Farmfield)





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in pointdeform, try upping the Min...say 4 or 5 ?

you might also want to look at this post yesterday about simming very simple geos, then use the transformations on the high res geos (rather than in your case currently simming something at quite high res)

Down the bottom there's a basic setup, I'm not an expert, just mocked up something quick yesterday.


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