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remove geometry intersection

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Hey guys

i was wondering im coping geometry and the geometry is intersecting 

im traying  to solve this with the intersectionanalysis sop that  yields a primitive number


so i want  to delete the connected geometry that the intersectionanalysis sop said theres interesection

i connected the copy to a wrangle  and the second  the first input is the copy the second  is from the intersectionanalysis sop 

im having truble with the vex code , i suck at it


the copy sop yields group outputs so i thought to take an advatege out of it 


so my code looks like this now 


int list =  point(1,"test" ,@ptnum);


string groups[]  = detailintrinsic(0, 'primitivegroups');
foreach (string g; groups) {
    if (inprimgroup(0,g,@primnum)>1) {


list is the second of the numbers  from the array that  intersectionanalysis sop yields

its not the whole of the array because i think i dont need all of it 

to be honest im really lost

and one knows the solution




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