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Compress Cache group question

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Hey magicians,

I'm getting crazy here. I have a FLIP setup wich I did a compress cache, when I jump into white water it works fine. 

I send the setup to my client, he run the sim for compress cache, but for white water he is getting only in the waterfall and not the river. I think it has to be with some groups.


Here's an image to illustrate the issue



When I go to "White wate source > Out" the ww shows ok for both mine and client, but in white water import I get this, any tips to fix this? I can't make him run the sim again since we are almost in the deadline.


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After trying a bunch of stuff, I added a split before the "Volume out" on Whitewater source and seems to be picking all the flip, anybody can confirm if this will work? client will kill me if I send it to run the entire whitewater and doesn't






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