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Hello houdini people,


Im relatively new to the houdini scene coming from traditional modelling background so go easy on me! :)

I came across a webinar from 2016 with Mike Lyndon in which he talks very briefly about applying a secondary frracture to already fractured pieces around their edges. I've attempted this with what very little skills and understanding i have in the software to this point but just can not seem to figure out how to contrain the secondary fracture to just the outer edges of each piece. I figured an approach would be to bevel the pieces and create a new group for this beveled area and apply the secondary fracture to only this group however i am not getting the desired results.



I've attached a file with the approach i took and how far i got

Any suggestions on achieving the effect would be much appreciated!

Cheers guys and girls!

Edge Fracturing.hip

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5 hours ago, ejr32123 said:

Couldn't you achieve this detail easily using boolean shatter?

can you elaborate a little on this?

what would i be using to boolean the initial fractured pieces with? from looking at the image i assumed hed ran a second fracture along the egdes of the pieces

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I might be mis-interpreting what you want, but I mean using boolean shatter to start off with, not voronoi. Scatter some grids to cut up the geometry, but add a mountain sop or point vop with noise displacement before cutting and you will get that detail. Or a combination of both methods, like this post. That whole thread might help you too : ) Anyway, I hope this is helpful-


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