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Polygon from vdb topology problem

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Hi everybody!

I'm facing issues when meshing a vdb, i have a dirt blotch on a cloth, the cloth is moving, the blotch is obtained converting a point cloud to mesh, of course the blotch while moving is changing topology,and..my bad...is flickering in time..

There is a way to freexe the topology at frame one..or some work around to make the blotch more stable?

Thanks alot!


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Timeshift your dirt geo (after vdb, might get heavy if its a dense mesh) and insert it to input#01 on a pointwrangle

Timeshift your cloth and insert into input#02

Take the moving cloth and insert it into input#03

int prim_id;
vector prim_uv;
float dist = xyzdist(1,@P,prim_id,prim_uv); 
vector surface_pos = primuv(2,"P",prim_id,prim_uv);
vector surface_normal = primuv(2,"N",prim_id,prim_uv);
@P = surface_pos + (surface_normal * dist);

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