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Surface as force volume?

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Is it possible to covert a surface into a form that defines a force volume?

I have a character that will have pieces popping off it, basically a fracturing shell. I've (mostly) achieved the effect in tests with a sphere, randomly deleted glue constraints, and a metaball to provide the illusion the force is coming from under the surface itself.

While I think I can mash together metaballs to get me the form I need, it would be better if I could just use the underlying surface as the repelling force volume, especially if the character is animated/deforming.

Can this be done, either by using a surface directly as the volume or maybe as a force mask inside a larger metaball region?




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you could create a velocity volume from the bounds of the surface, then use either point cloud functions to sample the N of the surface (if by "surface" you actually mean "mesh"), or if your surface is an SDF, use `volumegradient()` to get the gradient of your surface (which is sort of like the "normal" of an SDF) and bind it to your velocity volume. 

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