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Hey guys! First post here.

Could anybody help me with something hopefully rather simple?

Basically I am making an HDA. My HDA has a switch in the hierarchy which changes if the input 1 in my subnetwork has more or less than 4 points.

The thing is everything worked fine, until I changed to HDA. Before as an input I had a grid, whose string I had referenced in the IF function in the switch.

I am trying to find out what is the string name for a subnet input 1, so I can reference it in my switch, or am I supposed to do this referencing in a different way.

Plz halp, this is the last piece of my puzzle :D

Thank you very much!!!



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Hi Ian,

always use relative path in expressions within HDA. As for your case

if(npoints(opinputpath("..", 1)) > 4, 1, 0)

opinputpath pointing to input 1 of parent node relative node where expression is



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