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Wire solver - rotational constraint

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Hey guys !
This problem has been bugging me for some time now, so here I am !

So I've got a wire that needs to have one end keep its position and the other end to follow a geometry's animation. I specify the face and/or the point to follow.

I have the "keep position" figured out, and half of the other figured.
I currently have the "following" end correctly follow the geometry, but only in position. I need the wire to follow the orientation of the face of the moving geometry.

I managed to do it following one of Houdini's example scene, but it's not applicable in my case. Or I could not figure out how to apply it to my case, so this test is provided with the scene below.

See this for a quick glance at the problem.

Thanks !


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Hey Victor,
Thanks for the setup !
Unfortunately I tried something similar (instead of three points I had tried with only one), but discarded it because of the strange behavior it induces to the wire.

So it doesn't fit my need, but thanks !

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