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Output render file naming

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I was wondering if anybody knows how to bring the camera name into the file name when rendering with redshift.

I was trying to use the following today: "$HIP/render/$HIPNAME`_``chsop("RS_renderCamera")``_`$F4.exr"

the problem is that `chsop("RS_renderCamera")` gives you not only the camera name but puts the /obj in the beginning: "/obj/cam1". So when you render, instead of naming the file "Name_01_cam1_0001" it creates a subfolder called "obj"

I was wandering if there is a possibility to strip the beginning of a string or another solution to get the camera name into the file name. Something like $CAMERANAME would be nice :)

Best, M


I tried this one, it didn't work for me, I guess its for mantra?!


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Hi Marian,

EDIT: sorry for the previous code, this one is better:


Those curly brackets are needed, because without them $ searches for the variable HIPNAME_ ... because _ can be included in the variable name.


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