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Vex in Houdini course

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Am considering this rather expensive course


Confused by the instructor though as it lists

Johannes Ricther with lectures by Shawn Lipowski

Can anyone possibly recommend?

Also, what is the difference between cgmasteracademy and cgsociety as I see the identical course on both sites?


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I know this is probably too late for the OP, but I took this course, it was originally written by Shawn Lipowski which is probably why there was confusion in the listing- someone may have forgotten to update the course listing text. Alternatively, they may still be using Mr. Lipowski's videos for the course instruction, but have someone else dealing with the homework/answering student questions in the forums.

I have taken 3 CGMA courses on Houdini; they have all been good in the sense that every week I was learning something new and never felt that my time was being wasted. This course was the best one of the three for me however. Mr. Lipowski was a very good instructor and could make a living as a teacher if he wanted. All of my input is based on his version of the course, I can't really speak for the new instructor; however the lesson plan looks very similar to the topics covered in the original course.

As for the course content, it introduced me to VEX in a straightforward manner, and used project based lessons. I do not have a strong coding background but have taken a C++ course once (20 years ago now, ouch) and done some scripting here and there. However if you have no coding background at all, I don't think it would be an issue- you may have to do a little extra googling to understand for example what a class is in comp sci but for the most part everything was explained as we went, and there are opportunities to ask the instructor questions in an online forum and get them answered. The forums are open to the whole class so many of my classmates would often provide answers faster than the instructor actually, it was a good community of learners. What I liked most about the course was that I felt I was learning not just the basics of VEX but how to investigate and solve VEX-related problems on my own- in other words, I was learning not just how to implement this effect of that effect but how to apply the lessons I was learning to other problems. If you put in a strong effort to do the homework, you'll get the most out of the course, as the homework was designed to think beyond the current week's lesson.

I'm not sure the difference between CGMA and CG Society, originally the courses were CG Society but then they partnered in some way with CGMA. I'm pretty sure they're just advertising the same course in two different locations.

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Thanks for the detailed response.

Yes a challenging but rewarding course. Wish Shawn would do more!

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