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Get name attribute from another node

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Hi guys,

I'm stuck in a stupid problem. I have a blast node with one point. I'd like to get the name attribute from it and copy in another node (see picture attached). I tried point() expression but it doesn't work. Can't figure out how fix this.






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In vex, we cannot specify geometry as relative path.

a. You may wire the MUDGUARDS into the second input, and the vex will be:

b. If you don't want to wire (or you cannot), you can add a spare input, and change vex to:

c. Another solution, worse than b. Rewrite your vex to this:
But this is probably bad, because if you rename anything in the path, vex doesn't update the code automatically, so this path gets broken.

d. You could make a new parm (Operator Type) on the wrangle node, and then use chs() in vex to evaluate the content of the parm


As regards spare input, it is described here:

More is here:

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