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Artefacts When Running RBD interacting with Flip & Timescale 0.1

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Here is an RBD of tori falling into a flip fluid, with Scale Time at 1.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CZRguzia-uBbav6sb6Ln4zxRYnAOJbdf [drive.google.com]

Which appears to be working fine.

I want to do a slow motion version. So I tried reducing the timescale setting on the dop network.

Here is the same sim with simulation timescale set to 0.1:

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WPEO83YnrD_QMa1uj5RRYLwMPoYaHgYR [drive.google.com]

It appears to be mostly working. However, you'll notice that some of the tori explode later.
And the flip starts to flicker towards the end.
Any ideas why it's doing this? How to fix?


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I have experienced several times that lowering too much the time scale gives strange results.

I never did slowmotion, but I think what you can try is simulate at time scale of 1, but increasing the timesteps substantially, and recording those timesteps (if you output  and store the sim with a ROP, change the $F by $SF in the filename).

Then play it like if the substep was a frame...

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That appears to work. Thanks!

One step that is missing from you instructions:

Once I wrote out the substeps, then read them back in as if they are frames, I had to change the Scale Time to 0.1.

Otherwise it still played back at normal speed.

thanks again


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