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Curled strands- how?

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Ive been really inspired by the strand works of simon holmedal and have been trying to figure out ways to at least replicate something like this image

Ive tried creating a platonic and then adding a polyframe and then using these vectors as velocity in a pop solver to spin the particles around then using a point replicate followed by an add sop to create strands.. this kind of works but nowhere close.
Ive also tried building quaternion from a matrix based on the point centres of the primitives ,then using a scatter points with a fall off based on the length of the position vectors from the centres and then rotating around this vector whilst pushing the points out from the centres.
Ive also tried using the xyzdistance and primuv trick to create something on a flat surface then apply to a 3D surface.

None of these methods are giving me the result I want .

I think Im missing some crucial knowledge so Im throwing the question out to 10th level sorcerers in here to help me out.


Anyone know how I can achieve this ?

Thanks in advance 




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Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Thank you -



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