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Math noob - rotation formulas

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Trying to implement several of these rotation formulas with simple geometry


for instance the first example




  • add rotation X (x, y*cos(rx) + z*sin(rx), y*-sin(rx) + z*cos(rx))

(x, y*cos(rx) + z*sin(Rx), y*-sin(rx) + z*cos(rx))



x = x

y = y*cos(rx) + z*sin(Rx)

z = y*-sin(rx) + z*cos(rx)


How would you implement this as Vex within a Point Wrangle?

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While rotating an object, we are essentially changing the position of the points of the Geo. 


So, the above mentioned formula changes the point position along y and z axis but not x axis. To implement it in a point wrangle, just drop in a test object on to the grid followed by a point wrangle and enter the following code in the wrangle :

float angleX = ch("xRad");
float posY = @P.y*cos(angleX) + @P.z*sin(angleX);
float posZ = @P.y*(-sin(angleX)) + @P.z*cos(angleX);
@P = set(@P.x, posY, posZ);

Change the "xRad" parameter, the object "appears" to be rotating along the X-Axis, but in reality, it is just changing the point positions along Y and Z axis.

Hope it helps!


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