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Adding Python paths to Houdini on launch [Ubuntu]

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Trying to install and use Ytini


Ytini is installed and my PATH variable has been edited to point to this install.

Where I am stumbling is how to get Houdini to recognize this path

ie if I open a new Python Shell in Houdini I should be able to do

>>>import yt


and not get an error.


Can anyone help?


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Hi there!

You need to add the ytini install path to the PYTHONPATH variable instead so that houdini recognizes and loads them. 




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Still no luck however.

Would I need to add the ytini PYTHONPATH to my houdini.env or my global variables in /etc/environment ?



/usr/bin/sudo -H gedit /etc/environment


I tried both options yet still no luck when I open a Python shell and do an import yt.

Is the issue perhaps that I have to launch houdini from the command line and pass appropriate path values?


The instructions are for Mac OSX so unclear how to make this work in linux.  Any feedback appreciated, as have spent several hours now trying to get this to work!



In order to make yt available I have to always manually enter the following in a Python Shell


>>> import sys
>>> sys.path.append("/home/jim/ytini/yt-conda/bin/yt")


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