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Slow Motion Sim (Via Substeps) Flip Fluid is Flickering

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I want to do super slow motion of cheerios falling into milk flip fluid.
When I change Scale Time from 1 to 0.1, some of the collisions cause explosive behavior.
Someone suggested I write out the sim files with Scale Time set to 1, but substeps increased.
Then read the sub stepped sim files as if each was a frame.
It appears to work, but I'm getting some flickering in the flip fluid.

Any ideas how to fix?

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Hi, I am encountering a similar problem with a milk sim that I am trying to create. Did you find any solutions in the meantime? 

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Hi Stefan,

I don't recall finding a solution in my setup.

However, I saw a post about this volume temporal deflicker HDA:

Updated Example V2.1 Orbolt video
Updated Volumetric Temporal Deflicker V2.1 (H16 to H17.5+)

Deflicker by analyzing areas of voxel variation, creating temporal volume gradients and use this info to interpolate those areas based on temporal volume falloff.
It is very good at deflicker slow motion fluids. :)

Seems to be designed to address the specific problem we have been encountering. =)


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