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Remove self intersections after negative PolyExtrude

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I`ve done negative polyextrude to have cutter for hollowing my mesh. I wan`t to have thin layer (few mm). Whole item is about 1-3 meters.

I`ve done it in way:

- boolean as surfaces to slice intersections
- polyframe to group areas to select it manually and delete unwanted strips (as islands)
- intersectionstitch to stitch raw areas after deleting strips (to have one shell mesh)

It works but I wonder is there any better way for that (for removing intersections and stitch corners)?

That final stitched mesh will be boolean cutter (negative) for positive original mesh. 

At the beginning I`ve started to play with IsoOffset but it was too heavy operation and It took too long.

So that`s why I choose PolyExtrude.

Other thing is IntersectionStitch node. I don`t understand why I should feed curve for it. I don`t unsderstand also that warning: “A triangle and curve mesh is required on the input for correct attribute output.”.

What I`ve lost If I do not fed up IntersectionStitch with curve? Why I need those curve if final effect is good for me.

It`s a bit strange becouse after IntersectionStitch I wanted to use Divide node to change most triangles to quads but It is not working. Nothing happened. So I feel that something lost during those IntersectionStitch.

Thanks for any help. I`m basic Houdini user (I want to port my modeling from other 3d app).



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Posted (edited)

Hi, I would have indeed tried isooffset, convert it to a VDB, dilate it negatively, convert to poly, and then boolean the whole thing. Or substract VDBs and then convert to poly. Except if you need lots of details within yur hollowed geo, a proper division size of your volume should not take too long to calculate... maybe it was set to a too low division size ?

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Unfortunately after isooffset it`s hard to rid off those steps (div size 0.03) without loosing volume (for me as a basic user of course). I`ve tried smooth node.

What method do you prefer in that case to smooth survace without loosing it`s major shapes, features and volume?


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