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Pyro/Smoke voxels stretching

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Hi !

I'm not a kind of novice in houdini but i still can not get an answer

please take a look at the picture

here is the result of simulation. 


As you can see there are areas where smoke looks like stretched through several adjacent voxels 

Why do these stripes appear ? is it due to insufficient substeps or somewhat else ?

in this case i set 16 substeps and rather high container resolution ! on the other hand i have high initial velocity stamped from points.

i've  tried to use adaptive substepping but it had no prominent effect.

i think if i had risen substeps amount to 100 or more i would probably get rid of this stripes....but i would not like to simulate it for ages....

maybe some of you has found an easy way to deal with such issues.... 

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There are many things that can help.  You can start by increasing the resolution of your your smoke/pyro object. You can add noise to the fluid source or directly to the sim to break it up. You can also increase the CFL condition on the pyro solver.  Whatever geo node you are bringing the data out of DOPs to, you can increase the volume filter width and change volume filter type from box to Gaussian.  

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thanks, benne5 ! it has helped a bit 

i think i've got all these stuff because of my additional disturbance, that messed velocity field too much ! so i had to raise substep amount to mantain proper density moving.


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